Questions & Answers

The program will be fully funded by our esteemed Sponsors from different fields. We are looking for the sponsorships in different areas for what we need to do. There is an exhaustive section in the PDP document that talks about where companies have the opportunities to sponsor and shine their brand.
We are constantly in touch with the domestic and International major blue chip companies who would like to associate their name with the great cause to Empowering the Pakistani Youth. This will highlight them and help the project. For more accurate details pls look at the PDP Website.
There is no work guarantee currently offered by the PDP program. We are working with some agencies on this initiative. Each student can make a fully functional website just in a few hours depending upon the complexity of the website. For example, a 5 Pages basic Website can be made in 3-4 hours and a complex one in 8-10 hours. Some websites that have several products and their variations can take more time. The remuneration that students can earn per website is estimated from RS 5,000 for a basic website to RS 50,000 for a medium website and RS 150,000 for a complex website. We have set up a form of HR agencies, those willing to get our trained students. Hiring Companies click on this link to register:
Yes, we will be awarding Digital Certificates and Badges to the successful students who pass the final examination. This is described in the PDP document in detail.
We are working with various Certificate Granting Organizations to come forward and sponsor PDP and put their fair share into it. If you are an agency/body at the National or International level and willing to certify our trained students. Please record your interest here:
No job guarantee is offered. This core purpose of this program is to provide training and create 500K Social Entrepreneurs in Pakistan. Phase 2 of this program after we finish Website Development training for 500K people, we will train them on how to capture the international market and sell their services over Fiverr, Upwork, Freelancer etc.
Yes, we know that PayPal doesn’t work in Pakistan but there are other means of transferring money to the Social Entrepreneurs accounts in Pakistan. There are various scenarios: Customers Within Pakistan: People can use EasyPaisa and other locan Inter/Intra Bank Electronic Money Transfers Customers Outside Pakistan: XOOM is a great app that can be used to transfer International funds to Pakistan in a regulated fashion WesternUnion is another way of payment MoneyGram is also good We have plans to work with the Financial Sector to build a Pakistani Payment Gateway to address the Electronic Payments. PDP Document already discusses that aspect. If you are from Telcos/Microfinance banks/financial handlers and dealing with Level 0/Level 1 account as per SBP. Please to support us here:
According to our knowledge, we do not know other organizations providing similar training at a scale that we are and ensuring students learn what they have to and start selling their services in the domestic and international market. Our training process has been tested several times and it works.
There are various types of successes that can be measured. Students Success Measurement: Each student will have to go through a final examination and s/he must pass the test only after passing the test will be granted certificate and badge. Project Success Measurement: Project success will be measured by the number of successful students receiving a pass certificate and a badge. Higher the number, the higher the project success. The success will be shared on the PDP Website in terms of Counters on a regular basis.
The PDP project is very scalable because of its teaching/learning process. The process can be replicated multiple times and at multiple places to achieve identical predictable results. The project has been designed according to the CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) standards. More information on CMMI is available here:
I have been sent back to the world 4 times. Survived a critical disease that could have been dealy. Survived a fatal car accident. Cancer survivor. Liver Transplant Recipient . These near death life experiences have made me think the reason for me to be in this world. I would like to give back to the community especially my own motherland Pakistan. No other than Allah SWT is on my back. My political affiliations are something personal. I do not benefit from this in any way, shape, or Form. I have a decent living and I am ok with what I have. All the money collected from the Sponsorships will be spent on the Training. PDP is totally a Not-for-Profit program.
The Master Facilitator Course will start in the first week of September 2018. The Mass Training is scheduled to start in the first week of December 2018.
It depends upon the facility where the training is being conducted. Students who already have a laptop can easily be trained in a large size Auditorium setting. 500 to 1,000 students can be easily accommodated and trained simultaneously in an auditorium. Students without laptops must be trained in a computing lab environment. The number will be less in this case. A typical lab has approximately 200 seats with Computers with networking capabilities. The exact details of the number of students and facilities, cities details will be rolled out after the registration process is completed.
The Pakistan Development Program - PDP inauguration is planned to take place in Islamabad because we will have either the Prime Minister of Pakistan or the Information Technology Minister or both be inaugurating the PDP. The first course will also be conducted physically in Islamabad Insha’Allah.
The PDP is a great program that has a major impact on the Pakistan and International market. If you provide us with space and networking facilities to teach the Website Development course, your Brand Name and Logo will be published in all Print, Electronic, and Social Media platforms. This will give you a boost to your brand and you will emerge as a company or institution who cares about the youth and the Pakistani Community. Please contact us for more information by filling out our Contact Us form below.