Toronto 360 TV joins PDP as Media Partner

AIJAZQURESHI.COM and Pakistan Development Program – PDP Welcome
Toronto 360 TV as Media Partner

Toronto, Canada, Release: September 12, 2018

AIJAZQURESHI.COM announced and welcomed Arshad Bhatti CEO – Toronto 360 TV as Media Partner for the Pakistan Development Program – PDP.

Full details of the Pakistan Development Program – PDP can be found on the company website,

Arshad Bhatti is from Multan Pakistan and has been associated with Radio and Television for a very long time. Toronto 360 TV is a mostly watched TV Channel that caters to the Pakistani and Canadian audiences equally.

“We always have to take the first step, Dr. Aijaz Qureshi has taken the first step and we have to join him at every step. Forget about minor details, the cause is good, let’s help PDP. If your heart accepts something then you should go and do it.” said Arshad Bhatti, Chief Executive Officer – Toronto 360 TV.

“The Pakistan Development Plan – PDP will change the entire landscape how the websites are being developed in Pakistan and provide an opportunity to the Pakistani people to earn their living as social entrepreneurs,” said, Aijaz Qureshi, CEO – AIJAZQURESHI.COM.

Contact Information
Contact Person: Aijaz Qureshi
Address: 1663 Kentchester Place, Mississauga, ON L5N 7S9
Phone: +1-416-879-1956
Email: [email protected]

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